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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Learn how an author sold over 5 million books

Pam Perry PR Camp
Hear I go again...
coaching you up to that next level.
Are you ready?

Don't hesitate. Don't wait. Jump on this right now
and  follow  those who have success.

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Here's a secret many authors/publishers don't
realize: the fastest and easiest way to sell
thousands -- even millions -- of books usually
isn't through bookstores but rather to get just
ONE company to order your book in quantity.
Why would a single company buy 5,000...10,000...
20,000 or more copies of YOUR book?
There are a number of reasons, actually. Many
big companies offer books as "premium incentives"
to encourage people to buy a particular product,
much like your favorite magazine might offer you
a clock, t-shirt or other bonus when you renew
your subscription.
Some companies also buy books to give to their
customers as "thank you gifts." Other firms buy
books in quantity to train or inspire their
employees. There are a slew of other reasons too.
It's not as hard as you might think to land these
kinds of super-lucrative deals -- IF you know how
the corporate market really works. Companies purchase
mass quantities of books in ALL kinds of categories.
Matthew Bennett is a self-published author who's
relatively unknown to the general public. Yet he's
sold over 5 million books in quantity to Fortune 500
corporations including Disney, Reebok, NBC, Abbott
Labs, Pfizer, US Healthplans, Subway & others.
Want to learn how he does it -- and how you too can
get started selling your books by the truckload
to big companies?
You're invited to a free telephone seminar on
Thursday, September 10th on which you'll hear Matthew
interviewed by Steve Harrison of Book Marketing Update
about his methods for proven system for selling tons
of books. Go here now to register:
Sell Tons of Books Teleseminar LINK.
On (9/10) Thursday's teleseminar, Matthew will reveal why you
don't have to be a well-known author (or even an expert)
to get companies to buy your book.
You'll hear how as a single guy living in California,
he wrote a book called  "The Maternal Journal." He
sold more than 3 million copies of that book alone
to companies like Ross Labs and Babies 'R Us. These
companies offered the book as an incentive
to increase sales.

He'll also reveal:
* How he's used this strategy to sell millions of
books AND raise over $1 million for charity.
* The top three reasons it's often easier to make HUGE
sale than it is to make small ones.
* How even shy, introverted writers can sell a
boatload of books to big companies.
* The three things you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO
ARM YOURSELF WITH before ever pitching your project.
* Matthew's five secrets of how to identify and reach
the right person at the right company to sell
truckloads of your books.
* How to never pay a printing bill again with your own
money!  You'll learn how to get paid BEFORE you print
your books!
* Three proven ways to avoid wasting months (and
sometimes years!!) on your project.
* How to get nonprofit organizations to endorse
your book (he's gotten endorsements from such
organizations as American Heart Association,
March of Dimes, and American Diabetes Association!)
Again, to register for Thursday's  (9/10) call with Matthew, go here now:

Brand YOUR Best life & DREAM BIG!!!

Pam Perry
Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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