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Monday, September 28, 2009

PR coaching helped Christian author get on Oprah

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It pays to listen to your PR coach!
PR Coach Shop
"Mrs. Perry: I wanted to let you know I'll be a Guest Expert on the Tyra Banks Show! Thanks to you! I'm on your mailing list, so I'm able to take part in all of the teleconferences you promote and I've learned soooo much! And as a 25-year-old 'mediocre' Author/Motivational Speaker I've been able to tell my story on Oprah and be a Guest Expert on Tyra within a month of one another.

Aint God Good?!!! Thanks!!!"

Tony A. Gaskins Jr., www.whatdaddynevertold.com

Hey Future Best Seller!

When are you going to get moving and "get out there" too?

We are gearing up for our next BRAND new PR coaching class - where I'm teaching more online tactics and tricks...

Go to: www.PRbootcamponline.eventbrite.com

The class is every Tuesday online with me where I personally coach you to success online by creating your brand with social media and offline with the media.

If you can't do the class, you can get the "Get Out There" Kit.

get out there kit

If you just do the work that's required, you'll get the rewards. It starts with going here to the PR Coach Shop at www.e-junkie.com/pamperry and buying up everything you can get your hands on. Invest in learning what it take. As my coach often says, "Information changes the seasons of you life."

My advice works. Just ask Tony Gaskins.

Go to the PR PRO Shop. Click here

You are one click away from awesome. Make it happen. Do something about it today!

PamPerry Brand New
Motivational Monday Message from Pam Perry
"When you change what you expect, then you'll change what you get."

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