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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Top 10 Marketing Tips of All Time (plus video) via @pamperry

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The Top 10 Marketing Tips of All Time (plus video)

2011-08-21 15:39:53.18-04

With more than a decade of experience in marketing, ranking from pay-per-click to direct mail, I've seen a lot of failures and far more successes when it comes to marketing.

Today, the art of marketing is far more complex than it once was. However, many of the same basic principles still apply. Too often, professional marketers and small business owners overlook the basic techniques that have separated successful campaigns from those that never turn a profit.

Here is my all time list of effective marketing tips.

Know your audience. Successful campaigns get that way because marketers know their audience. They fully understand their needs, how to help meet those needs and how to create demand. Knowing and understanding your audience through proper market segmentation means a well targeted campaign that generates a profitable return.

Focus on the offer. A marketing offer is the driving force of marketing promotions that drive results. In fact, market testing has proven that the offer is the most significant criterion for conversion. Focus on your offer if you want to be successful.

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Split test. Never ever run a campaign without testing something. One of the most common is a split test which allows you to simultaneously test two versions of something. It can be a web page, post card, or email. Split testing is essential for improving performance.

Never work alone. The most creative ideas come from working with other creative people. Don't feel like you need to have all the answers or great ideas. You may start with an idea, but an open dialog with creative individuals will make it better.

Don't sell on price. I've seen so many marketers fail because they sell on price alone. This leads to a discounting war, lower profitability, and often bankruptcy. Rather, focus on creating so much value that the perception of price becomes insignificant.

Consistent messaging. Consider the entire user experience before you launch a campaign. From email to website to offer, is the prospect having a consistent user experience? If they are, your campaigns stand above 98% of others.

Create value after the sale. As marketers, it's our job to understand our market segment and build relationships, not dump people off at the front door of our store and walk away. Focus as much of your energy on building relationships with customers as you do prospects.

Test. Test. Test. In addition to split testing, you should consider multiple forms of testing in each marketing discipline. For direct mail, test headlines, offers, copy, time of direct mail drop, etc. Consider testing a life long mission.

Integrated Marketing Works Best. You can't rely on one form of marketing to carry you to success. It's okay to generate most of your leads or sales through PPC marketing if you will but what happens when that dries out? Use multiple media sources to meet your goals.

Nothing can replace experience. You can run out and hire all of the best consultants in the world, but you still have to do the work. Nothing can replace actual experience. It will make you a stronger marketer and more successful in the long term.

Apply these helpful marketing tips if you want to be truly successful. These techniques and tips are applied by successful marketers on a daily basis. The result is an ever growing success rate of marketing success.

About the Author
Are you looking for marketing tips that will take your marketing to the next level? Visit the marketing tips blog for helpful information, tools, and marketing secrets you won't find anywhere else.

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What to share on Twitter & How to Build Your Brand (presentation)

2011-08-27 15:38:41.336-04

Ok, so you signed up and got your Twitter account. 
Now what do you tweet about? You do a couple of tweets and you read others tweet – but you just don't get it. 

 How do people really use Twitter and in 140 characters or less? How to you become a LEADER on Twitter? 

Here are some ways to use Twitter to make it effective in your overall online marketing and branding:

1. Link to helpful articles. Add your own comments or ask for feedback.
2. Teach a lesson in 140 characters. Add #lesson after
3. Invite people to subscribe to your ezine, blog, or facebook page.
4. Tell your followers you have a free gift on your website.
5. Re-tweet good posts by other people, but don't go overboard—most of your tweets should be yours.
6. Announce a conference, book or CD release.
7. Make introductions to people who are also on Twitter. (Just use the "@" sign)
8. Congratulate others when they share good news.
9. Sparingly link to your own blog posts. Don't over promote yourself.
10. Tweet out videos (yours or others) from Youtube.
11. Post an inspirational quote or message. Show your personality. Add #quote after it if you can.
12. Ask questions that encourage responses. Engage!

Final tip: Don't sell in social media.
Don't yell on social media. 

The key thing to remember is that it's about listening first – and engaging.

I see so many people on social media just yelling about themselves and selling their wares.

 No one wants to be friends with a salesperson.  
"Branding is a promise to those you serve," Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist 
Building Your Brand Online: Tools of Engagement

View more presentations from pam perry

SEO + Publicity + Social Media = ?

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Online & Social Networking: How to Make Money from Your Blog

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Online & Social Networking


How to Make Money from Your Blog

You're out there blogging with Google Blogger or some other host, bringing many sets of eyes to your website. Where's the harm in making a little money for your efforts? The web is full of ways to make your blog pay. More

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Want to make your nonfiction book a bestseller? via @pamperry

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peggy book bestseller header


"How To Make Your Book A Bestseller

 Even If You're A Marketing Novice"

Discover How From An Author Who Made Her Book An Amazon, Barnes & Noble and New York Times Bestseller


On Wednesday, August 31st, you're invited to a free 90-minute webinar (or telephone seminar) and hear Steve Harrison, publisher of Reporter Connection, Book Marketing Update and Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR) interview author Peggy McColl about the simple blueprint she's developed to quickly make many books bestsellers at practically zero cost. 

You'll hear how Peggy catapulted her own book to the Amazon, Barnes & Noble and New York Times Bestseller Lists.


This free webinar (or teleseminar) is being offered at two times on Wednesday, August 31st: either 2:00 pm Eastern (11:00 am Pacific) OR 7:00 pm Eastern (4:00 pm Pacific)



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On this free 90-minute webinar (or teleseminar) you'll discover:

  • Peggy's ingenious yet simple, five-step blueprint any author can use to make their book a bestseller at almost no cost.


  • How she's used the formula to make numerous books bestsellers and how one author usedherformula to sell 6,828 ebooks for $27 each without spending a dime on advertising -- yes, that's $184,256.00 in sales!


  • Why her method works for all types of books, fiction or non-fiction, regardless of subject including self-published, POD, ebooks, newly-published or even those that have been out for years.
  • How Peggy uses blogs and social media to sell books including how she got coverage on the Huffington Post as well as why you need a Facebook page just for your book (and how to use it effectively).  
  • Case histories of several authors who've hit the bestseller lists using this approach.
  • Big mistakes almost all publishers make selling books on Amazon.
  • and MUCH more!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Motown Writers Network] Discount Tickets for Hit Stage Play - August 28th perfo

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Discount Tickets for Hit Stage Play - August 28th performance of LIFE: In 4-Part Harmony! #michlit

sylviahubbard1 | August 18, 2011 at 11:33 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p1xsOf-1m

  DETROIT, Michigan, August 18th /PRNewswire/Theater patrons can expect a unique stage experience on August 28th with the presentation of (4) one-act plays entitled Life: In 4-Part Harmony at the International Institute (111 E. Kirby) in Detroit. [NOTE: Due to building damage, all tickets that were purchased for the Aug 6-7 show can be turned in before showdate for [...]

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Blogging by the Bay: #BlogHer11 (Part 7) - FREE BlogHer11 Virtual Conference via @FREEISMYLIFE.com

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Blogging by the Bay: #BlogHer11 (Part 7) - FREE BlogHer11 Virtual Conference

All The BlogHer Sessions Available for FREE

I just got back from the BlogHer11 conference in San Diego, which was my second time attending the conference.  But there is no way that I can afford to attend blogging conferences more than every so often. But the good thing about conferences sponsored by BlogHer is that they live blog all the sessions and post them online. So even though you were not there, you can still get all the information that was presented - for FREE!

Below are the sessions that BlogHer currently has on their website.  More will be added over the next few weeks and podcasts of the sessions will also be added so check this post often for updates....

BlogHers are always interested in intensive programming about the craft of writing. So, for the second year the BlogHer conference has an entire track focused just on writing....READ MORE

The Write Brain | Uncharted Territory: Video Storyboarding and Scripting for the Writer

The Write Brain | How to Pitch a Book

The Write Brain - How to Pitch Freelance Editorial Work from Some Busy Editorial People

The Write Brain - Essential Blog Content Development Workshop

The Write Brain - Essential Writing and Editing Skills

This year, BlogHer added a new track of programming to the schedule, comprised of sessions brought to you by the conference sponsors....because top companies often are doing top research and can share top insights....READ MORE

Sponsored: Being a Mobile Role Model, Brought to You by LG and Their Text Ed Council

Sponsored: Being the CTO of Your Life, brought to you by Samsung

Sponsored: The Path to Healthy Financial Balance, brought to you by Chase Blueprint

Sponsored: The Tie that Binds Parent and Child, brought to you by Verizon, Parenting Magazine and BlogHer

Sponsored: Success on Our Own Terms: A Discussion with Huffington Post Women, brought to you by AOL

Every year BlogHer gets its Geek on good, with programming to scratch the itch of those looking to learn -- or fine-tune -- what is needed to know about what's "under the hood" of your blogs....

Social Media Geek - Video Blogging U

Social Media Geek | Implementing Community Features on Your Blog


Minding Your Own Business - Your Blog Can Make You a Social Media Marketer

Minding Your Own Business - Peer Networking: Working Together to Help All Boats Rise

Minding Your Own Business - Connecting with Brands from the Inside Out

Minding Your Own Business | When Diversity is Simply Good Business

Minding Your Own Business | Your Blog Can Make You a Local Hero

Blogs can be tremendous vehicles for life change -– whether we're trying to effect it, document it, or heal from its aftermath. This Change Yourself track explores how our blogs can trigger or support personal transformation. Want to grow?... READ MORE

Change Yourself | Your Perfect Imperfections: Blogging Your Way

Change Yourself - Old-School Bloggers: Beginner to Big-Time to Burnout and Everywhere in Between

Change Yourself - Food Photography That Will Feed Your Soul

Change Yourself - 'Til Blog Do Us Part?

Change Yourself | Unplug, Unfriend, Unfollow, Unwind: Is That Sacrilege?

Change Yourself | How Do You Sustain an Online Community and Keep Your Sanity

This conference track is designed to explore the power social media gives us to change our communities, society, the culture, the political landscape and more...READ MORE

Change the World | Owning Your Beauty: If We Change the Conversation, Can We Change the Culture?

Change the World | BlogHer '11 International Activist Scholarship

Change the World | Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking, and Health

Change the World | BlogHer '11 International Activist Scholarship Winners

Change the World | Malcolm Gladwell is Missing the Point: Revolutions are Happening Online


Welcome and Speed Dating, Featuring BlogHer Co-Founders Elisa

Lunch Keynote: Exploring Inspiration and Leadership with Indra Nooyi

Community Keynote: Voices of the Year

Closing Keynote: Women in the Media. Women Making Media.

BlogHers are a creative, generous bunch, so it's no wonder that when the conference put out the call for Room of Your Own ideas, they received an arsenal of great ideas… which were the catalyst for creating an entirely new track: Experience....READ MORE

Lunch and Room of Your Own | Special Needs Mini-Conference

Next up...
Stay tuned as I tell you about our other adventures in San Diego in the next installment in my series "BlogHer11: Blogging by the Bay".


The Embassy Suites sponsored 3 nights of my hotel stay for BlogHer11 at the Embassy Suites Hotel San Diego Bay.

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End of Season Sale Is Starting Now - Up to 50% Off via @pamperry

Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc. | Marketing the Message | www.MinistryMarketingSolutions.com | www.ChocolatePagesNetwork.com | Farmington | MI | 48336 \

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How to Create an Online Community & Tribe 

How to use email marketing techniques to expand your "customer evangelists." This audio MP3 will give you the who, what, why and how to do it. Comes with a Powerpoint Presentation and worksheets.



Stand Out, Get Noticed & Get More Business Social Media Teleseminar

In this teleseminar you'll learn how to:  Infuse traditional PR methods with new social media tools to rise above the noise in a crowded marketplace. Step by step guide with examples. It's content-rich and very affordable! 



How to Make Money with Social Media: A Beginner's Guide

Uncover the myths about leveraging social media and get result-oriented strategies to effectively leveraging online technology & Make MONEY by teaching you these 8 things such as What social media is...and what it is not.....


How To Launch Your Book Campaign on a Budget

Here is everything you need to know before you embark on your book campaign. All secrets revealed to give you the "skinny" on what it takes. And within a modest budget too. My best selling mp3!  



PR Boot Camp Tool Box! "Get Out There" KIT [TOP SELLER] 

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Synergy Energy eBook by Pam Perry

Everything you need to market your book, grow your business and brand your ministry using the secrets these authors have learned over the years about partnerships, PR and promotion.


Publishing and Promotion Teleseminar with Pam Perry & Omar Tyree

Hear insider secrets from seasoned Publicist and Best-Selling Author - here's what you'll get: · An insider's grasp of how major publishers work · The facts you need on how to secure an agent · Hard-won wisdom on self-publishing & more...  Many teleseminar programs cost over $1497- this one lays it all out at a fraction of the cost!




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