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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Feature: HOW TO Market Myself Monday [Video] via @pamperry

"Market Myself Monday"

Ministry Marketing Solutions clients over the years
Ministry Marketing Solutions clients over the years

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MIMS has been helping authors/speakers catapult their business careers for more than 10 years.

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As an award-winning publicist, Pam Perry has represented numerous clients securing media such as Oprah, Essence, Ebony, Publishers' Weekly, Tom Joyner Morning Show, Steve Harvey Show, Fox News and more. MMS has created social media marketing campaign for movies such as The Secret Life of Bees and Not Easily Broken.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

ARTICLE: Passive Income Streams: Are There Truly Lazy Ways to Online Income?

In the writing world Passive streams aren't really discussed, but they should be. Authors spend a lot of time trying to sell their books, but they should also be concerned with disposal income aside from book sales.

Today we have to speak about what passive incomes are and if you can benefit from them.

Passive Income Streams: Are There Truly Lazy Ways to Online Income?

Someone asked me what kinds of online businesses I'd recommend for someone who wanted to do any necessary work up front, then sit back and enjoy passive income for a number of years. I thought about what I'd heard about and seen and asked for additional input from Internet marketers. Six realistic options cropped up.

1. Affiliate programs. If you know how to get traffic to a web site through either pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimized content, then you can match that traffic with products and services that earn you commissions when your visitors buy. You're best off featuring high-quality memberships or programs that have recurring fees, such as web hosting, dating services, insurance, etc., so that every time your visitor gets charged for another month or year, you earn an additional commission.

2. AdSense sites. If you understand how to identify in-demand keywords, you can purchase domains, set up sites with timeless content on them and then enroll in Google's AdSense advertising program for publishers. This automatically populates your site with ads related to your content and pays you a commission every time a visitor clicks on one of those little ads on your site. An information marketing veteran I know told me he earns $1000 a month from such AdSense ads, with expenses totaling $70 a year and no work on his part after he set up the sites. Others claim to earn far more than that in passive income from AdSense.

3. Kindle ebooks. Like to write? Research relatively specific topics that are in demand but not oversaturated, then write a series of substantive 30-page ebooks that you publish for Amazon's Kindle store, Barnes & Noble's Nook and Apple's iBookstore. Because those online retailers attract the customers, you can get away with little or no marketing after posting the ebooks for sale there. I recommend the ebooks be related to one another in some way so that someone who buys one and likes it is likely to buy another one.
I'm a couple of months into this strategy and see that it is going to add up to passive income of thousands of dollars a year for me.

4. PDF ebooks. Whereas ebooks for Kindle, Nook and the iBookstore generally get priced from $.99 to $9.99 and you're hoping to cash in with regular volume, there's still a market for specialized, short, practical information reports in PDF format in the range of $19.95 to $99.00. Choose problem-oriented topics whose solutions won't go out of date quickly for these. Write a long, persuasive sales letter and either recruit affiliates through a network like Clickbank or buy pay-per-click traffic to your sales letter page. You may need a period of trial and error until you see decent conversion rates, but beyond that point it's possible to receive sales like clockwork month after month after month.

5. Software. When you belong to an industry and share its day-to-day routines, you often observe an unmet need for automation of a specialized, yet not that complicated task. Commission web-based software to perform that task and then sell it for a low monthly fee. This can cost as little as a few hundred dollars through various programmer marketplaces like Scriptlance, and you don't need to understand programming yourself to set this up. Once buyers get accustomed to using your service, they tend to stick with you for quite a long time, and this becomes a mounting stream of passive income for you.

6. Stock stuff. This was mentioned at one of the places I inquired for ideas online, and it involves creating saleable images, video clips, sound effects, ringtones or other such small pieces of intellectual property that can be sold repeatedly and over the long run through online marketplaces for each of those items. To avoid having your creations go out of date quickly, choose subject matter that doesn't involve quickly changing fashions - for example, landscapes instead of people shots, where hair styles become telltale signs of when the work was created.

These six ideas barely begin to represent your options, of course, and perhaps they'll inspire you to create possibilities of your own for online income that you can set up once and sit back and collect income from, year after year after year.

The author of 16 books and several dozen ebooks and PDF reports, Marcia Yudkin has been selling information in one form or another since 1981. She has developed and sold more than a dozen multimedia home-study courses on publicity, writing, web site structure and personal branding. Download a free recording of her answers to the most commonly asked questions about information marketing by entering your information into the privacy-assured request box at http://www.yudkin.com/infomarketing.htm.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Marcia_Yudkin

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learn how to meet deadlines and how NOT to behave on social media via @novelpublicity

Greetings dear newsletter subscribers:

We've had a great week on the blog from learning to manage deadlines to learning what not to do on social media. We also explore the elements that define the literary fiction genre and how to tell if you've written lit fic.

If you missed our karmic fan chain on GoodReads last week, join us today! Participants received over 50 new fans each last week. It was truly spectacular. So hop on over to our blog to read the rules and then join the grand event on GoodReads.

Now... It's time to novelize, 

Novel Publicity, LLC

P.S. Please vote for us in the Shorty Awards' PR category. Somehow we are up against a Kardashian and a Jonas Brother, so we'll need the support of our faithful followers to emerge victorious. Thank you!

Jan 25, 2012 08:05 am | Emlyn Chand

This is a post by Novel Publicity President, Emlyn Chand Why are authors of literary fiction so hesitant to admit it? Is it because they think identifying their work as literary seems haughty? Is it because they think it won't sell? Or is it simply because they don't know how to identify the genre? I ...

Jan 24, 2012 07:25 am | Emlyn Chand

This is a post by Pavarti K. Tyler I've been greatly annoyed lately by social media. Sometimes it feels like more of a burden than an opportunity, and I've been struggling to figure out why. What is it that makes me so insane sometimes when I log into Twitter/Facebook/Ning/Blogs? So much so that part of ...

Jan 23, 2012 08:01 am | Emlyn Chand

This is a guest post by Sarah Butland Deadlines can be a writer's worst nightmare when it comes to submitting to contests, to an agent, or even to a blog. If they keep you up at night writing, thinking, plotting, and worrying, you're not doing your best; if they hide under your bed, watch you ...

Jan 22, 2012 03:55 pm | Emlyn Chand

Our most recent twitterviewee was @organicseternal. He runs a literary magazine, which specializes in the fantasy and romance genres; it's called Organics Eternal. To learn about how a twitterview works, to read past twitterviews, or to find out how you can have your work featured in our promotional twitterview series, please visit this link:http://www.novelpublicity.com/twitterviews/  

Jan 19, 2012 06:00 am | Emlyn Chand

This is a post by Nanci Arvizu As a host on a radio show where I interview authors about their work, I've interviewed authors of many different genres, from business to science fiction to romance to health. I've talked with people who live in the same state as I do and others as far away ...

Become a blog tour host

Coming soon...
  • More blog tour offerings to accomodate authors with smaller budgets
  • Our exploration of KDP Select--the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • A lesson on how to optimize Goodreads giveaways for the max effect

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Book Marketing Tips - Book Awards Opening - New Vanity URLS for Authors on Amazon

Hope you are having a wonderful week!
I wanted to share these two quick book
marketing tips with you. Enjoy
The 2012 Small Business Awards is now
accepting Nominations AND you CAN
nominate your own book!
Time Sensitive - Nominations close soon - NO Fee!
Two years ago my first book made it to #6 in
marketing in this award contest. My new book
was accepted this year, and is listed in the Marketing category!
See if your book meets the requirements:
1. Published between November 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011
2. Relevant for entrepreneurs and small businesses
Have a book published and available on Amazon?
Get Your Vanity URL from Amazon Author Central ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
Amazon Author Central vanity urls now available!
Login to your Amazon Author Central Account:
Click on author link at top RIGHT of your profile page.
Here's my new url as an example:
Here's to your book marketing success!
D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed.
Founder of the Book Marketing Made Easy Academy

Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you want book SALES to Soar This Year? Then this is for you. via @pamperry

Hey there, Future Best-Seller: 
Imagine a gathering of some of world's most sought
after marketing and publishing experts ready to give
you the "keys to the kingdom" to:

- Get your book published

- Sell your book to a publisher

- Promote yourself using low-cost means online
to catapult your sales & exposure

- Make your book a bestseller
- Transform your business into a mega success

It's not a dream.

In fact, that's what you can expect at the upcoming
Author101 University event coming to Los Angeles March
1 - 4, 2012.

For more details and to register
pam & rick
Pam Perry & Rick Frishman

Pam Perry,  PR Coach & Social Media Marketing Expert says,
Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Marketing Expert says, "Nothing changes until you do."
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Fw: [Laptop Living] How to Get More ReTweets

Nika Stewart, The Laptop Mom  
January 20, 2012 

  • Personal Note from Nika
  • Laptop Loves: Social Media Done For You
  • Feature Article:
    Why Retweets Equal Implied Endorsement (and How to Get More of Them)

  • Sneak a Peek at Nika

Click here if you're having trouble viewing this ezine.


Note from Nika, the Laptop Mom

Hi yexsenia,

Is it still only January? The beginning of this year has been so busy! 

As our Ghost Tweeting programs are growing, and we're getting bigger and bigger accounts, I am reminded how much I love my solo-entrepreneur and small business clients. It is so great to be able to work directly with the people who benefit from our services, and to experience how it personally affects their lives. 

What do you love about your clients?
This week's feature article:

Getting retweets on Twitter means more traffic to your blog and website, increased online visibility, and enhanced expert status among the Twitter community. Your increased exposure also attracts more ideal followers.  So how can you increase your chances of being retweeted by others?  Read on to find out!

Big hugs,


Laptop Loves


If you know Social Media is a great way to draw more traffic to your website, improve your online presence, enhance your expert status, and strengthen relationships with your customers, but you're struggling to make the time to get everything done, then you're a perfect fit for our Social Media Done-For-You Programs.

There is a program that is perfect for you!

Feature Article

Why Retweets Equal Implied Endorsement (and How to Get
More of Them)

"RT @(you): Your post is worthy of rebroadcasting to my valuable community. I want them to see how awesome you are!"

A "retweet" is a rebroadcasting of your post to someone else's community. If a twitter user finds your message inspiring, informative, entertaining, or simply worthy of re-sharing, they will repost it, citing you as the original writer of the post. This is one of the fastest ways to spread your message and increase your following in the Social Media universe.

Retweets mean more traffic to your blog and wesite, increased online visibility, and enhanced expert status among the Twitter community. Your increased exposure also attracts more ideal followers.

So how can you increase your chances of being retweeted by others? Here are 5 easy tips:

  1. Retweet others
    Find posts that are in alignment with your message and brand, and share them with your followers. The more you share other people's valuable tweets, the more they want to share yours.
  2. Keep it short, baby
    You can post up to 140 characters, but for someone to retweet you, there are extra characters added (RT @yourname:). Make it easy for people to retweet you without having to edit and shorten. People also love to add comments to the retweet, making it more personal and compelling, so leave even more room for that!
  3. Quote
    Inspiring quotes are often retweeted. Find quotes that match your style and branding, and inspire your audience to think or take action.
  4. Tweet, tweet, repeat
    Don't be afraid to post an important message several times. When you repeat your tweet, change it a bit. By re-wording your tweets, you'll appeal to different people, and inspire more retweets to different communities.
  5. Be different, be profound, stand out, be funny
    Twitter is very busy, fast, and chaotic. To get noticed, your tweets much catch someone's attention in the blink of an eye. Don't be afraid to be uncommon, controversial, bold, witty, or daring. The tweets that stand out are the ones that get retreated.
Want to share this article? Use the buttons below!

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Sneak a Peek at Nika

Nika Stewart has been an entrepreneur for 20 years.  Using her experiences in creating her dream lifestyle – using her businesses to support how she wants to live – she now combines spiritual ideas with proven marketing strategies to empower moms to achieve their personal goals and dreams.

Nika enjoys sharing her techniques and strategies on achieving career and life happiness with her clients. She offers coaching programs, business products, and marketing systems that help entrepreneurs shape their businesses to complement their lifestyles.

See the growing list of Laptop Mom Success Tools here


Would you like Nika to create your info-product for you? Get details here.

Nika Stewart Enterprises, LLC
10 Stream Bank Drive, Freehold, NJ 07728
Nika Stewart

Nika Stewart Enterprises

10 Stream Bank Dr
Freehold, NJ

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