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Thursday, September 30, 2010

[Motown Writers Network] EVENT: : Art In Color Grand Opening Celebration!

For Immediate Release

Kalita Farver

(313) 632-8107

Local Art Enthusiast Reaches Out To Artists and Illustrators

The Art In Color Grand Opening Celebration!

Detroit, MI (September 30, 2010)-Giving artists a format to showcase has long been a passion for art lover, Kalita Farver.  After unsuccessfully seeking African-American Art to decorate her home, Farver set on a mission to research and later acquire art to sell to those who were facing the same challenge.


Farver will unveil her latest finds on Saturday, October 2 at The Tangent Gallery 715 East Milwaukee, Detroit at 12noon. The free exhibit will feature Atlanta artist and illustrator Jason Phillips. Phillips, originally from Detroit, will display original pieces while networking to bring cultural awareness to the Metro Detroit community.


Author and motivational speaker, Monica Marie Jones of The Literary Loft will be on hand to sign copies of her latest projects including Swag, Floss, and The Ups and Downs of Being Round.


Appetizers and light refreshments will be served.


The Art In Color Grand Opening Celebration
Art In Color

Farver hopes that The My Art in Color Grand Opening will inspire other artists to follow their dreams.


For more information visit http://www.myartincolor.com/ or 313-632-8107


Art in Color's mission is to provide positive images of multi-cultural art, home d├ęcor and collectibles to multi-cultural people at reasonable prices.
# # #

[Motown Writers Network] Welcoming Judge Glenda Hatchett Detroit Style 9/30/10


5901 Conner  Detroit, Michigan 48213
Thursday September 30, 2010
4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
INTERACTIVE as well as INSPIRATIONAL.  DARE TO TAKE CHARGE challenges the reader to ask self reflective questions that lead to moments of self discovery and a defined pathway to healing.  Daring her audience to study the positive with the same interest and intensity that they study the negative.  Judge Hatchett uncovrs the potential for grace and success in lives that are now punctuated with dispair and unfaithfulness.
For more information, please contact the Division of Student Services at 313-496-2634 or log on to www.wcccd.edu.
This event is in Partnership with WCCCD's School of Continuing Education.
To all who receive this e-mail....Please join Wayne County Community College Eastern District's Division of Student Services in welcoming Judge Glenda Hatchett Detroit style. LET"S PACK THE HOUSE. It's totally free and promises to be a GREAT EXPERIENCE.
REMEMBER.......Corporate College at Eastern Campus Thursday, September 30...time 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Thank you,
Alberta Tinsley Talabi


Join Our Mailing List
Rev. Denice Nixon
Partnership for a Drug Free Detroit

article: Taxes for Freelancers: 20 Deductions You Should Be Taking And How

Taxes for Freelancers: 20 Deductions You Should Be Taking And How

Freelancers have the task of keeping up with deadlines, clients and of course, taxes. Whether you file things monthly or quarterly, it's essential for freelancers to keep up with receipts for tax deductible items. So what qualifies as tax deductible? More than you think. Look to any area where you spend money to make money and you'll have a bountiful list of tax deductions ready to go when April comes around. Debra Parker, of After Hours Accounting, says, "Freelancers can deduct anything that it costs them to do business. Any money spent for the work they do can be deducted."

Tax Deductions for Freelancers in the Office

Sure you know the basics of what can be deducted, but look beyond those to make serious tax deductions that will add up quickly.

read more :


ARTICLE: Writing Lessons – Practical Tips for Improving Writing Skills

Writing Lessons – Practical Tips for Improving Writing Skills

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 10:02 AM PDT

Teaching writing lessons is one of my goals for Successful Writers – not online writing courses, but short tips-based articles on improving writing skills. To that end, here are five practical tips for overcoming specific writing problems…

But before the tips, a quip:

"On plenty of days the writer can write three or four pages, and on plenty of other days he concludes he must throw them away." ~ Annie Dillard.

This is one of the hardest parts of being a writer: throwing out sentences, paragraphs, and pages of written work. O, how it stings! But, the more writers write, the better they get…and the less they throw out. Or at least, the less bothered they are about tossing away their words.

These writing tips are inspired by the recently launched Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing by Betsy Warland. It's a doozy of a writing book, helpful for both professional and new writers. We must never stop reading about writing, fellow scribes, or we will stop learning and solidifying the most important writing lessons!

Okay, enough of that. On to this…

Writing Lessons – Practical Tips for Improving Writing Skills

READ MORE AT: http://theadventurouswriter.com/blogwriting/writing-lessons-practical-tips-for-improving-writing-skills/

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Motown Writers Network] MLN Radio Show: How to Effectively Use Twitter 9/27 & U

On Demand Episodes 43325

Original Air Date: September 27, 2010

Marketing and Motivation Mondays with Monica Marie Jones

Join Author and Motivational Speaker Monica Marie Jones as she shares Book and Business Marketing tips on a budget and Motivation to keep you striving toward your goals! This week's show topic is, "How to Effectively Use Twitter." Our featured guest will be Kalita Farver, owner of Art In Color. This is a show that you do not want to miss


MonicaJones New Banner

Upcoming Episodes

Called Out Author, Dara Nichole!

MichLiterary Network

Date / Time: 9/29/2010 5:00 PM

Category: Books

Call-in Number: (646) 915-9177

* 5 p.m. - Dara Nichole, author of She is, but he ain't and Called Out, www.authordaranichole.com
* 5:30 p.m. - TBD (please see below to contact us)
Michigan Literary Network for all things literary and helping to increase literacy rates around Metro Detroit

Sylvia Hubbard
Author, Blogger and Founder of Motown Writers Network & The African American Electronic Literary Network

Author of Romance & Suspense and Internet Marketing for Writers & Business

NOW AVAILABLE: Secrets, Lies and Family Ties order your copy now
Coming Soon: Tanner's Devil www.redrosepublishing.com

WordCamp Detroit 2010 Schedule Complete!


It appears that some emails have been sent to spam folders, so I'm sending this again so you don't miss out on the awesomeness.

Hello everyone! We're happy to say that we've finalized the WordCamp Detroit speaker roster and schedule. We've made a few adjustments to better suite all of you. WordCamp Detroit has a single track both days, but we've extended the second day. We realized that a vast majority of you (over 90%) are beginner to intermediate level WordPress users, so more of the camp will be geared towards you guys. We've still mixed in a few higher level presentations, for the more WordPress savvy developers. See our updated schedule and speaker roster.

Having that said, we're only a couple weeks away from WordCamp Detroit! If you haven't registered yet, you have only 7 days left, so don't miss out and register today.

Hotel accommodations are available if you're looking to stay in town. See all of you very soon!


Monday, September 27, 2010

3 Tips to Solve Obstacles that Hold Back Your eBook Profits

What! Spend just as much time on marketing as writing? This can't be, you
say. Yes, it's true.

So if you're writing a book, finish the one book before you move on to book
#2.  If you don't, it's really a form of procrastination.

So if it's time to market your book (and it is time half way through your
book) create a marketing and book's promotion platform. To really be
successful with large profits from your book, you must finish #1 project
before you move on to #2.

Many emerging authors and business people don't pay attention to marketing
or promoting themselves and put their attention on multiple projects such
as writing other books, articles, and reports, rather than finish and
publish and get the book on their site to sell.

While doing these multiple projects looks like productivity, but it's not
effective productivity. Because you are not focusing on what you don't need
to do NOW. What's the highest pay off project to do NOW to get to your
business goals? (maybe you don't have a marketing plan in action yet--you
need to).

Because you can't sell more books by writing more books, only by marketing
the ones you have now.  Marketing may be your next step. It should happen
long before your book is finished, but many new writers don't know why this
is so important.

Take it from an author who has published successfully 13 books on book
writing, marketing and social media marketing. And coached 1000's of others
like yourself who wanted to do the next right move (the move to get to the
finish line-profits).

Do you resist online marketing?

Do you know why you resist?

It's probably some kind of fear of exposing yourself as a not quite
professional in some way. Procrastination is one form of fear. Fear of not
being a good enough writer is one fact I got in a survey to my writing
groups. Fear of not standing out in the marketplace is another. Fear of not
wanting to because of money, short cut time and mistakes that could cost
you more than a little coaching.

What you Resists, Persists!

You who resist must know that the marketing message will persist and keep
biting you in the backside if you don't finally bite the bullet and take
some small action. One step at a time.

From one Linkedin member of my group:
'"If I had paid attention to successful authors advice who advised me to
market much more than I thought,  I'd have sold a lot sooner."

So here's 3 Solutions for the Brave and Bold:

1. Take stock of your strengths, expertise, weaknesses, and fears. Do what
you do best, and hire the rest!

Investing in training and delegation of small stuff will move you forward
like the gurus do. When I created my 13 books' and coaching sales letters,
I hired a webmaster who knew HTML, and marketing too. Once up, and with my
own ability to market with my blog and article marketing, we raised sales
to match.

2. Believe and trust in your book project. If it's good then it's worthy of
more marketing. If it's not, drop it and learn how to build a business
foundation before you leap, so you will get that desired income. Get some
bookcoaching to find proper clarity and a profitable focus for yourself.

3. Schedule 3 High Level Activities (HLA) daily in your organizer. They
must be specific and measurable, so no cheating with general things like
"Write on my book" What book? What chapter title? Smile. I use Hootsuite to
send out 2 messages each day that show up at my Facebook Fan Page, and my
Linkedin profile page, so this has grown my web's visitor numbers by 57% in
just 4 months.

These tips could go on. In fact they do!

These and much more are in my "How to Design Your Book to Create more
Readers and Sales" teleseminar at

Book Coach Judy Cullins helps you in business to write a "best seller" and
build your brand with a short book.
Author: Write your eBook Other Short Book-Fast , LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best
Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales, and Advanced Article Marketing to
sell all the books and get all the clients you need. Since 1985 Wow!

Click http://www.bookcoaching.com/help-writing-a-book.php to get fresh,
free, weekly publications on book writing, self publishing, and online

Network with Judy on...

Book Marketing & Promotion Tip from @pamperry

click through for details and images

Hey Superstar!

So, here we are, the year is almost gone. Can you believe it!

Are you on track with the goals you set out for this year?

I've been having a great year so far and I hope you've found the PR tips, videos and blog posts I've shared with you this year useful, insightful, and helpful as you launch out into book publishing, marketing and social media PR.


I don't want you publish your book be left wondering, "Now What ?"


Here's what you do:

You need to create a list of at least 150 people who will most want a copy of your book. If you want to be successful then you've got to suck it up and have the courage to do this because this will be your launching pad of further success.


Here are just 3 categories taken from the "Ultimate Author PR Boot Camp" course that I teach (see http://www.pamperryonlinepr.com)


Family: make sure that all of your family comes out of the pocket and buys a copy of your book.


Friends: whether you have a lot or just a few friends, you want to ask all of them to support you by buying a book for themselves or someone else.


Co-workers: You should make a list of all your co-workers (and vendors) who you will try to sell books to. Try to at least come up with 50 names from this list. 


Then upload them into something like Aweber. (I show people how to do this and how to put the widgets in social media and grow your list)


These are just a snippet of the information you'll learn when you make the wise investment of getting into the

"Ultimate Author PR Boot Camp!"

I've poured all of  20 years of book promotion ideas, strategies and techniques I've used  for authors, publishers and small businesses and marketing our my own business via social media. 

Everything you absolutely must know and a whole lot that you didn't even think you needed to know and do is laid out for you in a step-by-step format thru the PR  Boot Camp which give you 4 weeks live coaching via teleclasses and 2 months of online support.


You know I've read absolutely all the best books, taken all the social media marketing courses, and have been in the business of promoting authors and ministries for years! So when we tell you that this book PR BOOT CAMP is going to take you by the hand and almost force you to be successful, I mean it.


And you definitely don't want to miss out on the 8 bonus ebooks on Social Media and internet marketing. These bonuses won't last long! So don't wait any longer and fumble along in the dark, get in the next PR Boot Camp Training Course and become the successful author you want to be!

Go here now and check it out (hear the mp3 for more info & watch the video testimonials from those who took the Camp) http://www.pamperryonlinepr.com



Apply today's tips and prosper in publishing! And go to www.pamperrry.posterous.com om now to check out all of our exciting updates.


Be fabulous!


Pam Perry, PR Coach 


Remember our breakthrough "ULTIMATE AUTHOR PR BOOT CAMP" live is the perfect course for every author must have in order to ensure that you succeed in writing, publishing and marketing your book so go here to learn more and get your 8 bonus ebooks when you register for the class that starts Tuesday! http://www.pamperrypr.com



[Motown Writers Network] News From The Michigan Literary Network 9/27 | Open ASA

Lots of News From The Michigan Literary Network | Open ASAP!

Link to Motown Writers Network

Pam Perry PR Coach has Breaking News - Video from SMS News

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 04:22 PM PDT

SEE EVENTS BY ESSENCE OF MOTOWN LITERARY NETWORK | Click Here!Visit our website for featured authors!

EVENT: An Evening with Nikki Giovanni - September 30 rsvp TODAY!

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 12:45 PM PDT

Save the date - September 30, 2010 An Evening With Nikki Giovanni Please join Wayne State University's Graduate School in welcoming world-renowned poet Nikki Giovanni to campus on Thursday, September 30, for her presentation An Evening With Nikki Giovanni. The event will be held in the WSU Law School's Spencer M. Partrich Auditorium from 5:30-7 p.m. Giovanni will sign
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Book Marketing Newsletter -- Resources for Promoting Your Book

In today's issue of The Savvy Book Marketer newsletter, you'll find these book marketing resources:

- Guide to Publishing for the Kindle with Amazon's Digital Text Platform
- Bowker Launches New Online Submission Service for Book Proposals
- Downloadable Website Icon
- Book Blogs and Review Sites
- Copywriting Resource
- Follow One Author's Marketing Journey
- Does Social Networking Really Sell Books?
- Re-engage Inactive Subscribers on Your Mailing List
- Complimentary Mini-Course and Teleseminar from Kathleen Gage
- Are Podiobooks Right for You?

Just scroll down to learn more about these topics

For more book marketing tips, follow BookMarketer on Twitter and join my Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/SavvyBookMarketer.

Happy Book Selling!

Guide to Publishing for the Kindle with Amazon's Digital Text Platform

If you want to make your book available for the Amazon Kindle ebook reader, check out April Hamilton's complimentary guide to formatting books for Kindle. This 58-page guide is packed with detailed instructions and screen shots. For more information about publishing in ebook format, see this article.

Bowker Launches New Online Submission Service for Book Proposals

Bowker recently launched an online manuscript submission service, allowing authors to present their book proposals to publishers in one central location. Acquisition editors can sort through proposals and zero in on the ideas they find most interesting.  Bowker Manuscript Submissions is patterned after the successful Christian Manuscript Submissions service that's managed by the Christian publishers association.
Downloadable Website Icons

If you're looking for icons to use on your website or blog, check out this list of no-cost graphics.

Book Blogs and Review Sites
Step-By-Step Self-Publishing has put together an extensive list of book review sites and blogs that review self-published books.
If you're an author or publisher of books for young adults, check out this list of 50 YA book blogs.

Copywriting Resource

When you need to find just the right sales-oriented words and phrases for your book sales copy, take a look at this copywriting swipe file from Alice Seba. This no-cost resource is packed with great headline ideas, power phrases, calls to action and more. I printed out a copy to keep next to my computer.

Follow One Author's Marketing Journey

On this blog, novelist Mark Fadden offers an interesting behind the scenes look at his activities in promoting his latest book, The Brink. He even shares sales figures for the book over time.

Does Social Networking Really Sell Books?

It can be hard to track the sale of books directly to social networking (especially if your books are sold through retailers) but I strongly believe that social networking, if done effectively, develops relationships that lead to book sales and other opportunities. Learn more in this article.

To make sure you're using social networks most effectively, check out my Facebook Guide for Authors and Twitter Guide for Authors, as well as The Savvy Book Marketer's Guide to Successful Social Marketing (which includes the Facebook and Twitter guides).

Re-engage Inactive Subscribers on Your Mailing List

This article from leading opt-in list provider Aweber offers an interesting technique for re-engaging inactive subscribers who haven't opened or clicked through on your messages for an extended period of time.

Complimentary Mini-Course and Teleseminar from Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage is one of my online marketing mentors and I've learned a lot from her over the past several years. Right now, Kathleen is offering two no-cost learning opportunities:

First, sign up for her five-day mini-course, 3 Simple Steps to Begin Making Money Online Right Now!
Nonfiction authors should also check out Kathleen's no-cost teleseminar, How to Make Money with Teleseminars, on October 7 at 5 p.m. PST.  Her events tend to fill up quickly, so it's best to sign up right away. Don't worry if you're not available on that date--the recording will be made available to anyone who registers.

Are Podiobooks Right for You?

Podiobooks are serialized audiobooks broken down into 30-40 minute episodes. These downloadable audio segments can be given away as samples for marketing purposes, or sold on your own website or through iTunes. In this article author Meredith Greene shares her experience with podiobooks.

Savvy Book Marketer Guides

Want more in-depth information about marketing your books? Check out these Savvy Book Marketer Guides at www.SavvyBookMarketer.com.

- Selling Your Book to Libraries
- Successful Social Marketing
- Twitter Guide for Authors
- Facebook Guide for Authors


Affiliate Disclosure: Some links in The Savvy Book Marketer Newsletter are affiliate links, meaning that Texana Publishing Consultants, LLC, receives a commission on sales of other companies' products and services sold as a result of clicking on the link. Learn more at http://bit.ly/asq28H.

Texana Publishing Consultants, LLC, P.O. Box 116, Coupland, TX 78615 USA

[Motown Writers Network] Workshop (Detroit): Internet Marketing for Writers & Bu

Internet Marketing for Writers & Businesses 101

social media mix

How to get on the Internet and Successfully Market Yourself

Date: October 14, 2010 6pm to 9m
Location: Detroit Impact Center
9930 Greenfield nr Plymouth Road
Detroit, MI 48227

Wi-Fi Available

Price: $25 (limited seating)
will include Resource Download, Internet Marketing Updated ebook & promotional gifts.

Register at: http://intmarkoct10detroit.eventbrite.com

Welcome & Introductions

Getting on the Internet, Setting up Websites, Professional Emails & Signature Lines

HTML, RSS, SEO and other letters you should know

E-book 101, formatting, publishing, and setting up to sell

Blogging, Vlogging and Podcast

Marketing, Promoting and Automating... Oh My!

Networking and Selling

Authors and Businesses wishing to have their promotional materials in our gift bags, please email me with Internet Workshop Promo. We'd appreciate more than just paper promotional materials, such as pens and so forth.

Facilitator: Sylvia Hubbard, Author and Founder of Michigan Literary Network & AAELN.com

Books can be purchased in advance at: www.WritersGuide2InternetMarketing.com

This event is sponsored by:

Motown Writers Network
Michigan Literary Network

The African American Electronic Literary Network

Register at: http://intmarkoct10detroit.eventbrite.com

Keep them Watching Your Book Video Trailers

Company Logo
Topic: Keep them Watching Your Book Video Trailers>
Part 3 of 3 - 3 Secrets to Successfully Increasing Book Sales with Trailers >

Hi Sylvia,
It's important in marketing to have your potential readers get to know you. With over a million titles published every year, we have to stand out over others. One way to create a following is by having a video series. Videos could consist of:

· "how-to" on something that is relevant to your book, e.g. how to make a sling-shot

· a narration/excerpt of your book with various image that reflect what is being said

· talking candidly to your potential reader

This list is endless. You can easily record yourself with a flip-camera and transfer it to a video. Readers love to be "up close and personal" with their favorite authors - this is one way to create a relationship with your readers.

Don't know where to start? That's okay, because we can help you create follow up videos to keep your readers engaged. Check us out on: http://readerviews.com/services_previews.html

Irene Watson
Reader Views
(512) 288-8555

watch video

3267 Bee Cave Rd, Ste 107-380 Austin, TX 78746 (512) 288-8555

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