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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fw: Savvy Book Marketing Tips - February 15 issue via @bookmarketer

Savvy Book Marketing Tips
Hello Sylvia,

In last week's webinar about promoting fiction, Joanna Penn stressed the importance of making sure that your book is ready for prime time before you begin promoting it. Success for any type of book begins with a well written and edited book, a great cover, and a compelling title and sales copy. 

Those points are echoed in this article from the Huffington Post about the factors that tend to limit the success of indie authors.  

Even if a book is already published, self-published authors can still make improvements to enhance sales. Both ebooks and print-on-demand books can be revised and re-submitted if necessary. It's easy to make changes on most ebook publishing platforms - you can upload a revised cover or book text, revise the book description, and even change the price. For printed books, check with your printer or publisher to find out what's involved and what the fees are.

Nonfiction book titles and subtitles should contain important keywords to help shoppers find them on Amazon. For tips on enhancing the sales copy (book description) that you use on book covers, online bookstores, and your website, see these articles:

For nonfiction books:

For novels:

Read on for more book marketing resources.

Video Marketing

Nonfiction authors, don't miss this 6-minute video from Kathleen Gage explaining how to use YouTube videos to drive traffic to your website and build your opt-in mailing list.

Ebook Publishing News

Ebook sales continue to grow like crazy. The Pew Internet and American Life Project reported that ownership of tablets and ebook readers nearly doubled over the recent holiday period, contributing to the ever expanding market for ebooks.

A large number of authors have pulled their books from Nook and other ebookstores in order to join Amazon's KDP Select program. Some authors have been very pleased with the results, while others have concerns about Amazon's requirements for exclusivity. If you are still undecided, please read this article to learn more about the pros and cons of KDP Select.

Ebook authors, you can network with other authors and learn more about Kindle publishing on the Kindle Forum. There's even a sectionwhere you can promote your books. As with all forums, be sure to read the rules and observe etiquette.  

Children's Book Marketing

Children's authors, don't forget that Children's Book Week is May 7-13. Learn more at http://bookweekonline.com and be sure to plan some special publicity and promotion during that time.

The Frugal Book Promoter

Carolyn Howard-Johnson is celebrating the release of the Kindle version of The Frugal Book Promoter, 2nd edition, by giving away more than a dozen free reports with the purchase of the ebook. Seehttp://frugalbookpromoter.homestead.com/ for details and check out the bonus reports listed at the bottom of that page. Carolyn completely updated The Frugal Book Promoter several months ago, and the revised paperback version now features 416 pages of book promotion advice!  

Indie Bookstore Opportunity

In mid-March, author Jon Renaud is opening the "Back to the Books" bookstore in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Jon is planning to feature indie books in his store and he's looking for independent fiction and nonfiction authors with an inventory of books on hand who would be interested in having their books stocked in the store. If you're interested, contact Jon at foxxgrp@gmail.com.

Thanks all the news for now. Have a wonderful week!

Dana Lynn Smith

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