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Sunday, May 31, 2009

ARTICLE: Ebook Creation - Finding the Most Profitable Niches to Create Ebooks . . .

Ebook writing can be a very profitable business if you know how to go about it. Once your ebook gets out online and people start finding out about it, you can start making money while you sleep - literally. However before you can start making money you will first need to do some research to find out exactly what type of e-book can make you the most money as well as what niche you can target.
I would suggest that you visit various forums, such as Yahoo answers, wiki answers, etc and search for questions within you niche. Find out what people are asking about the most. For instance if you want to target the weight loss niche you will search for weight loss related questions and answers. You will see questions such as "which exercises will help me reduce my belly fat?" etc. This should give you a good idea of exactly how well your book will do.
Visit various websites and take a look at the various products written about weight loss. See what they are saying and whether or not they are answering the questions that you found on those forums. Your task is not to mimic their books but to write a much better book.
Make a list of the topics you plan to cover and decide just how many pages you plan to cover those topics under. When writing make sure that you try to reduce fluff as much as possible. Your goal here is to give people good solid information that they can use to reduce their weight. If you do this successfully you will have no problem selling thousands of copies of your ebooks.
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