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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where to Find People to Buy My eBook If I've Just Started Out?

You are now sitting proud in your chair having finished the final touch to your first e book. You are proud and anxious at the same time. You're wondering, "Now I've got this ebook finished, how do I get people to buy it and make me some profit?"

And that's really the question, isn't it?

If you are just started out and wondering how and where to find people to buy your ebook online, read on because this article is going to line out a few tips to get things into the starting gear.

Tip 1: Put your niche first

I can't make it sound obvious enough but you should be clear about who you are targeting with your ebook, in other words; your niche. You should not even consider writing or typing rather, the first word if you're not clear with your niche. When you're clear with your niche, your e book will address solution to a
problem or fulfill needs in that niche.

Tip 2: register a domain name

You want your domain to represent your unique title and offer relevant to your targeted group of people. Remember; people don't buy e book. They buy solution to their problem offered in your e book.

Tip 3: set up your direct response minisite

It's a known fact that your visitors are not going to buy anything from you the first time they saw you. They won't believe you at first and they might not be interested at first.

What the direct response site need to do is to grab their attention, pull them in with irresistible offer and prove your case. You might need to do this over a period of time so building relationship for example with Autoresponder is a smart thing to do.

Tip 4: Get an Autoresponder account

Autoresponder is a relationship building tool you can't go without when marketing online. In fact, your subscribers often time will become your most important customers buying your e book online.

Tip 5: Get a third party payment processor

This is obvious right? How else do you expect to receive payment without one?

Tip 6: Get traffic with Search Engine

So, this is how you ever get your first eyeball to your offer; through the Search Engines. To optimize your effort using this method, your groundwork with setting up your website must be done superbly well beforehand.

Make sure the domain name is relevant.

The website headline copy contains specific, targeted keywords to your niche, and so do the sub headline and the website copy in general.

You can always find people to do all these for you if you want.

Just make sure you get it right the first time. They are very important to the search engines. If people do a search and your website come on top, imagine the amount of eyeballs you get. More eyeballs see your offer, more chance for you to close a customer.

Tip 7: Find like minded people in forum

Forum can provide you with targeted traffic, sometimes more targeted than the Search Engines. That's why defining your niche upfront is utmost important before you type in your first bestseller word. By leaving your signature in the author resource box, other forum members can get to your site in a click. It's that simple.

Tip 8: Use Paid traffic method

This might not be the preferred way to start out promoting your first e book but if you have experienced the power of paid traffic, you already know that nothing beats the speed and focus this method can bring the traffic to buy your e book online.

Tip 9: Use affiliates

You can join affiliate network online for example Clickbank or Paydotcom, and use the power of affiliates to bring you the sales. And if you choose to do this, make sure you provide your affiliate with useful tools that help them promoting your e book.

Starting out often means lots of effort. It requires attention, focus and dedication but if you persist and get everything right from the beginning, finding people to buy your ebook online will become an enjoyable game which you look forward every time you produce your masterpiece; be it your first or hundred.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nezrul_Hisyam_Abdul_Ghani

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