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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Simple eBook Marketing Advice That Actually Works

Instead of trying multiple eBook marketing strategies, focus your energy on the top strategy that you know will produce immediate results - based on your skills and knowledge of marketing online. For example, article marketing is the top eBook marketing strategy I use to drive highly targeted - pre-qualified - traffic to my Website. I find this strategy to be the most effective based on my knowledge of making money online-and the costs are minimal.

(1) Calculate your cost of time. Many online marketers swear up and down that blogging, tweeting, and writing articles is free. They couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, most of the free strategies you hear about will cost you more money than you think-just for the fact they take time before you see their effects. When you analyze the impact of your eBook-marketing strategies, calculate how much time you're spending on each one and compare the results to your bottom line. Eliminate strategies that waste your time. Zero in on the top moneymaker-create a customized schedule to maximize your investment of time using the technique below...

(2) Creating your schedule. If you can, dedicate most of your free time to your eBook marketing campaign. Create a schedule on a calendar to insure you stay consistent. For example, I work on my strategies seven days a week at least one hour each day. I discovered early that when you start an online business, you have to spend every day of the week marketing your info products in order to compete with the bigger Websites. Having a schedule keeps me on track and allows me to evaluate the progress of my e-book marketing campaign.

(3) Evaluate your progress. Leave two days at the end of your eBook marketing calendar to evaluate your progress-One day to check your sales (site stats), and one day to outline next months marketing schedule. Once you get used to following this system, you'll find the time to include additional eBook marketing strategies, resulting in more sales and revenue and most important-a better life.

Robert is the publisher of http://www.ebook-marketing-innovation.com For more information go to http://www.ebook-marketing-innovation.com

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