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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Promote Your New Ebook

It doesn't matter if your ebook is free or not, the first thing you need to be doing is submit it to ebook directories. The main reason is you will have the advantage of visitors from these sites. And it's not just any random visitors. These sites send you visitors that are actually interested in what you've written.

Another reason is that these sites give you quality back links that get the attention of search engines like Google and Yahoo. That is of course if you link back to the directories from your page. It's amazing how simple back links can improve your ranking and better rankings mean higher placement in those search engines.

Blogs are a wonderful tool for promotion too. Make sure it is directly linked to your ebook page. From here you can post tid bits about your ebook that the search engines will pick up on. A question and answer script on your site would be even better as you can answer various questions concerning your ebook which the search engines will also scarf up. All those who visit your website are looking for important and useful information. Make sure to place relevant content that is rich with keywords on your webpage and blog.

One really effective method of promoting your ebook is to join message boards that are similar in topic to your book. Some will even allow you to place a link to your page in your signature. Be careful with this as you don't want them to think you are there to spam them. That would be a bad thing. Post on the board and participate in the conversations. Be an active part of their community. Don't just be there to plug your ebook...

The author is the webmaster of the Received Text Ebook Directory which would be a great place to start promoting your ebook. The URL is http://receivedtext.org

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tim_J._Davis

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