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Friday, May 29, 2009

Making Money Online Through Creation of Small Reports Or Ebooks

Almost everyone who gets online and wants to learn how to make money online is told that in order to be successful, they need their own products to sell.

Most internet marketers for the most part even tell people that they need to create a $50 to $100 product to really make money. However, the problem is that a product you can justify charging that much for, also takes a fair amount of time to create. And not many people will have that luxury of time to do that. During this process, most people then end up giving up and going back to their day jobs.

Many internet marketers would advise you to create a massive product to get the kind of money you want for your efforts, so that you won't have the confidence to create anything of your own and essentially become their competitor. Some people just don't want you to ever compete with them. With that in mind, you have to realise that what they tell you is designed to make sure that you keep spending money to help them make more money by doing nothing more than promoting their affiliate programs.

Well, the good news is, you do not need a 100 or 200 page report or ebook to make money on the internet! What you may not realise is, all you need is merely a 7 to 10 page report that can be created in one evening.

Maybe creating a product you want to sell for $50 to $100 or more is a lot of hard work, but creating a short 7 to 10 page report for $5 to $10 each isn't. And they don't take long to create. I'm talking days, not weeks or months. The sooner you can finish a product, the sooner you can get paid and move on to creating another. You don't have to create one $50 to $100 product. You can simply create 5 to10 $10 products and offer them in a way that makes it natural for people to buy them in bundles.

The easiest way to get people to buy more than one product is to make them all related. Make it so that one product seems a little incomplete without the other. The truth is, when you offer a group of low cost, attractive products on a related topic, many people don't buy just one. They buy bundles of low-cost products on impulse.

You might find the following tips useful:

1. Start by selling one low-cost report.

2. As you create each new report, approach people who already bought the previous reports from you. Past customers are usually the easiest sale to make especially if they're thrilled with past purchases. As time goes on, you'll build up a nice sized library of short reports that sell for a nice profit. Until that time, you've made sales all along the way instead of waiting until you had a massive "ebook" to sell.

3. You want to make it an easy choice for someone who buys one of your reports to buy the others, and a surefire way of doing that is to make sure that you're offering them more of the same type of information they already bought. When you create a series of reports, it is important to remember that all of your reports need to be on a similar topic or the same topic if possible.

4. None of these reports have to be very large. Maybe as few as 10 pages. They only have to be long enough to deliver on the results promised whether it takes ten pages or thirty to get the message across to your audience. You'll also note that professionally done graphics also add to the credibility of the information being offered.

If you have an ebook that is not selling well, you could also consider breaking up the contents into smaller reports. Basically you take your ebook apart, take each chapter and beef it up so that it stands on its own as a special report. Then you would charge a lower price for each special report you pull from your product that would add up to be more than your actual whole product costs.

If you're struggling to make money online, sometimes the best thing you can do is start small. Success breeds success.

Vivien Tan is a part-time internet marketer who sells high quality ebooks on the internet and a communications specialist by profession. You may visit her website at http://www.best-global-ebooks.com / or her blog at http://best-global-ebooks.blogspot.com /.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Vivien_Tan

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